So many lights, so many cameras, and so much ACTION! Here at Holbrook, we never stop.  Last month, we spent a few days shooting commercial footage in Opelousas, LA at Evangeline Downs Casino & Racetrack! We had the pleasure of working with General Manager, Ashby Pettigrew, to bring his visions for the establishment to life.

This particular project called for every single one of our crew members to be involved, all the way from grip and lighting, casted talent, sound design, and video production to even social media marketing content and on-set photography. With employee call as early as 7:30 am, our crew powered through two (2), twelve (12) hour days packed with staging, shooting, and on-set grading. We can’t thank these guys enough for their hard work and perseverance in helping us complete this HUGE project flawlessly and on time. Holbrook would also like to thank the twenty-three casted talents for their amazing personalities and charisma on and off screen! The full list of actors can be found at the bottom of this post.

The Process

Day 1:

Beginning at 7:30 am with three (3) different target locations for the day, the cast and crew worked at warp speed to capture all footage needed breaking only once for a 45-minute lunch in the popular Ca13612222_1469809916377837_2815151299888789645_njun Buffet. We ended the day at the races, capturing the excitement of racing and video footage of the stands and track. Afterwards, cast & crew shared dinner at the Spotted Horse, a very popular steakhouse located inside of the Evangeline Downs facility.

Day 2:

Another day beginning before the sun came up, we started where we left off the day before. Capturing footage of the prestigious Spotted Horse dining room & got an inside look behind the scenes of the cooks preparing unique dishes and specials. We then enjoyed another fantastic meal at the buffet before heading out onto the gaming floor to catch some live action on the slot machines.

 With set wrapped and footage recorded, everything was sent to post production where our creative video team pulled everything together into a few final pieces for the client while audio recorded the original jingle with Mrs. Charlene Howard. Overall, the week was definitely one for the books! Again, we would like to thank all cast and crew for their contribution during shooting days along with a huge thank you to Ashby and Evangeline Downs for trusting Holbrook as their turn-key video production agency!

Check out these behind the scene photos:

Photo Jul 19, 3 21 52 PM (1)
Photo Aug 31, 9 43 54 AM
EVD Holbrook Thumbnail_1.31.2
EVD BTS Holbrook Multi Media-3
EVD BTS Holbrook Multi Media-2

List of all casted talent:

Russell Giacontiere, Azalea Cage, Monique Morton, William Gil, Candy Gil, Jeff Kern, Janet Kern, Trevor Chapman, Lacy Chapman, Robert Sidman, Patricia Sidman, Shaffon Grodger, Terry Gobert, Bobbie Ramer, Sylvia Roques, Mary Pittman, Stephen Scott, Randy Gonzalez, Cheryl Shelton, Thomas Johnston, Carmen Nicholson, Ashton Leigh, & Antoine Pierce

Final Product: