Inaugural Ball Photo 3The occasion: Governor John Bel Edwards Inaugural Ball. The theme: “The Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Louisiana”.

With those details in place event planner Dana Armentor and Megan Morris of Splendid Events reached out to two of Louisiana’s premier production and event management companies: Holbrook Multi Media and Royal Productions to pull the aesthetic together. Appropriately held at Celtic Studio in Baton Rouge, the January

11 celebrations were carefully crafted to echo Edwards’ campaign platform of putting Louisiana first and moving the State forward and even touched on the governor’s hope for a revitalized and thriving film landscape.

Inaugural Ball Photo 2

Guests were received into Celtic’s Media Center’s stage 6.  The 38,800 square foot stage, which was recently used for filming Universal Pictures’ Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise Morgan Freeman and Columbia Pictures’ Battle: Los Angeles, was bathed in blue and gold and grandly decorated. (Lighting provided by Royals Productions, Decor by The Gardenaire and furnishings by Event Rental). Monitors and banners designed by Holbrook Multi Media draped the wide walls and tall ceilings of the enormous party room showcasing Louisiana’s stunning scenery and picturesque parishes.

Covering nearly every parish in the state, Holbrook Multi Media, utilizing their huge library of Touristic Video, also worked with the State of Louisiana, Willis-Knighton Medical Center, and several CVB’s across the state to produce four beautiful videos. Once all footage was collected, the Holbrook A-Team traveled across the state in their RV which doubled as an HD+ production station on wheels capturing all parishes and areas that did not have representative footage. Sleeping in the RV, the production team shot from sun up and into the night, sleeping in the RV during their 5-day trip. The Louisiana Road Trip was a “run-and-gun” style shoot, with even the editing and post-production process taking place on the road.

Royal Production, owned by Randy Gervais delivered much of the glitz and glam of the night through their set design, audio-visual services.

The Holbrook Multi Media crew also took part in the rest of the day’s activities as they documented A Day in the Life of John Bel Edwards. The intimate and joyous moments of the governor and his family were captured using Arri Amiras and Red Dragons.



Inaugural Ball Photo 5Bobby Holbrook, Holbrook Multi Media’s COO and Head of Production, reflected on the experience saying that the up-close and personal glimpse into the Edwards’ family moments were touching, and give great insight into the mind and stance of the state’s new leader. “For almost 40 years Holbrook Multi Media has completed production and post-production for commercials, music videos, feature films and reality shows. This short film was definitely a unique opportunity to embrace the power of storytelling our agency has.”

Holbrook Multi Media’s CEO Bob Holbrook, who was tapped to be the night’s MC said, “This is the very beginning of Edwards’ time and those of us in the Louisiana film and production industry can have some faith that he is in our corner and will be on our side when it comes to making our state highly sought after for producers, directors, and filmmakers from all over.”