Browse our selection of production equipment available in-house or for rent.

Audio Gear

Sound Device and Field Recorder Audio Gear

Country Man, Sanken, Sony and Tram Lavaliers
Lectrosonics 400 Series Wireless Systems
Sennheiser Boom Microphones
Shure and PSC Mixers
Zepplin Boom Poles and Wind Jammers

Recording Studio

Fender Rhodes MK1 Electric Piano
Hammond B3 with Leslie Speakers
Neve V3 60 Channel with Necam Automation & Flying Faders
Neve 8108 with Necam Automation and Flying Faders
Neve 8128 with Necam Automation and Flying Faders
MCI JH 600 Series Console
Sony MCI – MXP 3000 Series Console
Studer, Fostex and Tascam – 1/4″ – 1″ Reel To Reel Tape Recorders
Tama, Mapex and Vintage Rogers Drum Kits,
Trident London 24 Console
Neotek Mixing Console
Urei 5.1 Time Aligned Monitors
Yamaha NS 10 Ref Monitors
Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Set(Coming Soon)
Yamaha Grand Piano (Coming Soon)

Outboard gear to support your next production:

Sound Design
Transfers & Restoration
Music Composition
Mixing & Re-Mixing

Whether it is your next album, commercial or film, Holbrook Multi Media has what it takes to achieve audio perfection.

Camera Gear


Arri Alexa XT Plus Cameras
Canon C300 PL & EF Mount Camera
RED Epic
RED Scarlett
RED Epic Dragon
RED Miezler Modules
RED +1 Module Adapters
Sony F65 CineAlta with Raw Recorder
Sony F55 CineAlta Cameras with Raw Recorders
Sony F3 CineAlta


Angenieux Optimo 24 – 290
Angenieux Optimo 15 – 40
Angenieux Optimo 45 – 120
Angenieux Optimo DP – 16-42
Angenieux Optimo DP – 30-80
Arri Fuginon Alura – 18 – 80
Arri Fuginon Alura – 45 – 250
Canon 30 – 105mm Zoom Lens
Cooke S4i – 6 Lens Set
Cooke S4i Mini – 6 Lens Set
Fujinon 19 – 90mm Zoom Lens
Fujinon 85 – 300mm Zoom Lens
Illumina Super Speed Prime Lenses
Zeiss Master Primes
Zeiss Ultra Primes
Zeiss Super Speeds
Zeiss Standard Speeds
Zeiss CP – 2 Lens Set
Zeiss CP2 70 – 200mm Zoom Lens

Support is unlimited with a wide range of technical equipment including:
Arri Gear Heads
Arri 3 Motor F.I.Z. Kit
Cartoni Lambda
CMotion 3 Motor F.I.Z Kit
Chroziel Alladin 3 Motor F.I.Z Kit
Movi M10 Stabilizer
Preston 3 Motor F.I.Z Kit
Ronford Baker
Weaver Steadman

For all your filter, monitor, matte-box and media needs, Holbrook Multi Media can supply.

Grip and Lighting

Grip and Electrical Lighting Equipment

1, 3 & 5 Ton Grip and Lighting Truck Packages
HMI Lighting – 200w -12K
Kino Flos – 4 Banks, 2 Banks, Divas, Kamios, Micro Kits
Mole Richardson Tungsten 150w – 10K
Arri Open Face – 650’s – 2K
Steadicam Flyer
Jimmy Jibs with Pan & Tilt Remote Heads – 8ft – 30ft
EXFX – EZ Slider with Motor
Modern Studio Rail Dolly
Matthews Doorway Dolly with Rubber & JL Fisher Track Wheels
Car Rigs – Medium and Large Sizes with Hostess Tray, Bonnet Bar and Large Suction Cups
Condor Mounts
Camera Carts Jr. & Sr.
Multiple Back Stage Carts loaded for your production                                                                                                                           Brite Shot Luminator HMIs  – The Brite Shot Luminator HMIs are 2.8K equivalent and, with a variety of preset patterns and designs, they can create the perfect atmosphere and lighting for a number of scenes and shots including campfires, police pull-overs, dance parties and more. A video showcasing the leading edge capabilities, versatility a quality of the Brite Shot Luminator can be viewed here. 

We would love to provide our rental services for any and every grip and lighting need your production may have.