Producing the perfect sound for your voice over, SFX, or any other audio project is what we strive for and achieve. 

A Lafayette Recording Facility For Audio Professionals and Musicians.

Holbrook’s vintage Neve and Trident consoles with Pro Tools digital interfaces, and staff of engineers are the perfect marriage for your perfect sound.
Consequence of Sound
Ever watch a movie with the sound turned down? Sound and music are two highly important aspects of any production and require just as much consideration as the visuals on screen. Audio is a critical piece of storytelling serving to set tone, convey emotion and heighten understanding.
Science Accompanying Art
Our brains are wired to respond to and recall information better when sight and sound work together. Whether the audio elements like the score, dialogue or sound effects are accompanying a corporate video or a movie scene they provide the cues needed to persuade, inform and inspire audiences.


Post Audio Scoring. Foley. Voiceovers. ADR. Sound Effects. Radio Commercial Production. Jingle Production. Album Recording. Audio Mixing. Audio Mastering. Audio Conversion. Audio Restoration. Equipment Rental.

We also offer up our studio and equipment for rent, allowing you to bring in your audio engineering team, while our chief audio engineer takes the back seat.
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