We own the lights, man the cameras, and direct the action. Plus everything that comes before and after that. Plus a whole lot more. 

Redefining The Term “Full-Service”

Many times, it takes 3 or more sources to get what you need: equipment house to gear it, production house to shoot it, and a post house to finish it. We have you covered. With us you will truly get “complete video production” – from start to finish. That is what we offer as a Turnkey Production Package. We can serve your every need, from pre-production to post-production.


We turn a script from a dream into a detailed plan with resources, talent and time management, as well as expertise in production industry standards for equipment and communications. 

Silver Medal Recipient Video – NOLA Advertising Awards 2016
Silver Medal Award Recipient – New Orleans Advertising Awards 2016 Client - NOLA Ad ClubHome /. . .
Accident Reenactment – Lawyer Commercial
Accident Reenactment – Lawyer Commercial Client - Brian CaubarreauxHome / Accident Reenactment. . .
Fashion and Lifestyle Video – #WeArePopCulture
Fashion and Lifestyle – #WeArePopCulture Client - We Are Pop Culture, A Christina Milian Brand. . .


We make the shoot possible by having top-notch cinema gear that we own, creative above the line crew like directors, and specialized below the line crew like gaffers and grips. 

Political Advertisement – John Bel Edwards
Production – John Bel Edwards’ Veterans Spot Client - John Bel EdwardsHome / Political A. . .
Lawyer Testimonial – Brian Caubarreaux
Video Production – Testimonial Client - Brian CaubarreauxHome / Lawyer Testimonial – Bri. . .
TV Commercial Production – Dow Great Stuff
Dow Great Stuff Home / TV Commercial Production – Dow Great Stuff


We put all the necessary finishing touches on your project and take it from raw footage to final cut with post-production suites and software allowing us to edit and color grade to perfection. Then, we finalize sound effects, title and closing sequences, voiceovers and animation. 

Tour – Good Hope Hall
Tour – Good Hope Hall Home / Tour – Good Hope HallThe Video The Client The Glenn Armento. . .
Movie Trailer Production – Courage of Faith
Movie Trailer/Teaser Production and Cinematography by Full Service Production, Post Production compa. . .


Our Turnkey Approach is one that has been refined since 1977 and is a benefit to every filmmaker or account coordinator who has spent countless hours vetting, selecting and communication with multiple sources to achieve everything they need. We do and have it all, which means it only takes on phone call to get the lights, the cameras, the action, and more. Don’t think outsourced, think in-house. 

Event Promotion – Baroque & Bones 2016
Home / Event Promotion – Baroque & Bones 2016The Video
Best of Acadiana 2016 – Glenn Armentor
Home / Best of Acadiana 2016 – Glenn ArmentorThe Video 
2016 Scholarship Recipient – Glenn Armentor
Home / 2016 Scholarship Recipient – Glenn ArmentorThe Video 
Need us to jump in at any point of the project? We’re happy to do that too.