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6 reasons why you need video marketing for your business

Since the dawn of social media, the marketing world has had to make some serious changes.

We see static, boring Facebook and Google Ads every day — it’s easy to just scroll past them without a second thought. So how do you advertise your company in a way that’s interesting to potential customers without them becoming apathetic to your message?

The easiest and most logical answer is video.

Let us elaborate on what we mean when we say that marketing has changed with the rise of social media and internet. Marketing is no longer simply selling a product through a single advertisement – it’s become a journey to get the consumer to purchase a product. We don’t expect consumers to be sold with just one advertisement. One ad, however, can get them to research the product further, look at other marketed materials and information, then make an informed decision on whether or not they should follow through with a purchase.

This is where video comes in.

A moving image is always going to catch the eye more than a static one. Video doesn’t need to sell the product immediately, like a picture does; it just needs to be interesting enough to initially catch viewers’ attention. If a consumer gets to the end of your video, more than likely they’re sold, or at least more interested in the product.

You might ask how we know that video is more effective in doing this than advertisements that feature graphics and other non-moving images. We’d say that the statistics speak for themselves.

1. According to Small Business Trends, social video can generate up to 12,000% more shares than both text and static images combined.

If you’re on Facebook, then you probably tag your friends in videos constantly. Whether it’s a cute cat, a viral video like the “In My Feelings” Challenge, or someone’s funny home video, you’ll notice that a majority of the comments contain just one thing – tags inviting others to view the content. While organic reach for businesses increases when photos of actual people are posted, it still doesn’t come close to the organic reach videos can achieve. If you create a video that gets even a foothold on your newsfeed, hundreds of more people see the post – especially if it gets shared by multiple accounts.

2. 1 Minute of video equals 1.8 million words to your audience, according to Forrester Research.

There’s many different ways to interpret these findings, because not all words are created equal. However, the point stands; video gets a message across more effectively (and quicker) than words alone.

3. Forrester Research also claims that your chance of being listed on the first page of Google increases by 53 times with the use of video.

Google is the number one search platform. So much so, it’s literally become a verb. Don’t know something? Just Google it. It’s a well-documented fact that the majority of people don’t get past the first page of results in Google after searching a term – this is why it’s so important to get that page one listing. If video can increase those chances by 53 times, then it’s just stupid not to consider it as an advertising medium.

“Videos can give people the confidence they need to feel safe about making a purchase…”

4. Tubular Insights says that 64% of consumers purchase the product after watching branded social video.

In an age where consumers are constantly reading user-generated reviews on products, there’s a pretty big possibility that someone’s already heard of you and your product before they see your video. If they’ve already done a little research, the video could be what sells them.

5. According to E-Tailing, 57% of consumers polled felt that videos gave them more confidence about making a purchase online.

Even with companies like Amazon, Etsy and Wish shipping millions of products a day, people are still wary about making purchases online. Something about giving away your payment information to a faceless entity makes people feel cautious – imagine that. Videos can give people the confidence they need to feel safe about making a purchase, particularly when said video makes them feel more comfortable about the integrity of the company and the product.

6. Wordstream says that marketers who use video grow their revenue about 49% quicker than marketers who don’t.

Video gets the word out, and fast. During a time where it’s so difficult to keep potential customers’ attention for more than a few seconds, video is a must-have tool in your advertising arsenal. 


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